Bucharest Presentations

Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism

Council Hall / Sala de consiliu | 30th may / 30 mai 2012

Ioana Tudora

Urban Picnic

28th may 2012


Alecs Vasiliu & Ana Dora Matei

Contrast city (poverty areas in the South of Bucharest)

28th may 2012

Laura Galluzzo portrait

Laura Galluzzo (Politecnico di Milano)

Neotopie. Milan: new spaces 4 new solitary lives

29th may 2012


Florina Presada

Citizens’ Initiative Group Drumul Taberei – The Rehabilitation of Istru Park

29th may 2012


Cătălin Berescu 

The Socialist Neighbourhood of the 80’s

30th may 2012

Mareen Scholl Portrait

Mareen Scholl (id22)

Urban gardening: about guerilla-strategies, green avantgard intercultural neighbourhoods and cultural improvisation

30th may 2012

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